This must be done in writing on the accommodation request forms provided, or via the online reservation request form found only on our website www.easybreaks.com.au
E-mails, Faxes and Phone enquiries will not be accepted as bookings. Request forms must be forwarded to Easy Breaks with a minimum of 14 days notice. Forms must be complete in full and your signature is required stating that you fully understand the Terms & Conditions. Each form is for every 2 nights booked, unless taking up a Special Offer then only one form is required. Incomplete and unsigned forms will be returned back to the sender. Should your booking request be unsuccessful our office will re-issue you with re-booking forms.

You can expect a confirmation or rebooking form to be mailed out within 5 to 7 working days. Please note that your requested Hotel / Property will only confirm the dates requested if your credit card details have been forwarded to them by our booking office. Please ensure that you complete this section of your reservation request form. Bookings that are made without credit card details will be deemed Tentative and will not be guaranteed by the Hotels / Property until they receive the required deposit. You must submit your credit card details to the property no later than 48 hours after receiving your confirmation from our office failing to do this may render the booking void.

In the event that the reservation needs to be cancelled or changed, notice must be given to the hotel/property 72 hours prior to the reservation dates. Should this not be done, then you may be charged as per the properties cancellation policy or forfeit your deposit. An amendment fee of $15 per voucher will apply for any alterations made to existing bookings or new vouchers will be issued at a cost of $15 per voucher.

If you have purchased your Easy Breaks membership & wish to cancel it, you may do so in writing to Easy Breaks, PO Box 856, North Sydney, NSW 2059 provided
a) You have not used or attempted to use any benefits; and
b) The directory plus vouchers and notice is received by Easy Breaks within 14 days after the date the Easy Breaks pack is sent to you. In these circumstances Easy Breaks agrees to refund the fee paid by you less postage and handling.

Availability during public & school holidays and special events are STRICTLY LIMITED. All offers are subject to availability. Offers and prices are subject to change without notice. All hotels are subject to change without notice due to possible management restructuring from time to time.

* All prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without prior notice

^ Prices stipulated are per person per day.

Please note that all rates & prices are set by the participating properties, and not by Easy Breaks .