Gold Coast



Q. Why is this Gold Coast offer different to the Australia Wide / New Zealand offer?

A. This offer has different rules and booking procedures to the ones offered in the Australia Wide New Zealand section.

Q. I do not have a 2nd choice of dates to fill out on the form. Can I still apply?

A. We prefer you do give us all your choices to save time during the booking process and ensure we can get you in. If you do not have a second options you can still send it in.

Q. Why does the HP offer have a booking fee?

A. The booking fee covers processing costs associated with this special. Please note even with the booking fee the special offered still gives you a fantastic deal all round. Should there be no availability for whatever reason then the booking fee will be fully refundable but if the booking requested is accepted by the hotel then the booking fee becomes non-refundable.

Q. If I make changes or cancel, what will that cost me?

A. Should you require to cancel your booking within 14 days or less of the intended stay please notify Easy Breaks immediately. This may incur a penalty fee of at least 1 nights accommodation at the full rate or a fee as per the individual properties cancellation policy. A fee of $25 p/p will apply for any alterations made to existing bookings. Please note that the $79.00 booking fee will not be refundable.

Q. I am in VIC and I am traveling outside of our school holiday, why am I still charged a school holiday surcharge?

A. Gold Coast is a relatively unique scenario as what they class as School Holidays periods is on a national scale so it may not be Victorian School Holidays but it may be Queensland School Holidays at the time of your request.

Q. Can I fax this voucher? Or Email my requests?

A. Unfortunately No as we require a fully signed and completed voucher accompanied with the appropriate booking fee mailed to our offices.

Q. There are cheap airfares online that finish tonight and I want to make sure I have accommodation. Can you hold a booking for me or advise me the availabilities?

A. No. We can only accept fully completed original forms. No exceptions can be made for any specials out in the marketplace, as we do not have reservations online with any of our properties we cannot hold a booking or check for availabilities.