7 Night Freestay

7 NIGHTS INTERNATIONAL FREESTAY   3 exotic overseas locations   Savings of up to $1400*


Mnarani Club

The Mnarani Club, Africa

Situated on the cliffs of Kilifi Creek, just where the creek meets and merges with the Indian Ocean, Mnarani provides perfectly for the beach and turquoise ocean under one foot and the activity and adventure of creek-life under the other.

Bali Palms

Bali Palms Resort, Bali

Bali Palms Resort is on the sea front, just a few steps to the sandy beach, which slopes gently down to the sea.The Resort is located at the start of the small established town of Candi Dasa, in East Bali, is just one & a half hours from the airport on the new by-pass.

Welcome Jomtien Beach

Welcome Jomtien Beach Hotel, Thailand

This hotel is situated by the beautiful Jomtien beach where you can rest, relax and enjoy water sports. The hotel has 382 luxurious guest rooms all with private sea view balconies.

Bali Shangrila

Bali Seascape Beach Club, Bali

Bali Seascape Beach Club is one of the few resorts that can boast its own beachfront located on the fabulous East Bali Coastline. The resort offers a peaceful and friendly atmosphere and is conveniently...