7 Night Freestay



Q. How does the voucher work?

A. The voucher is for 2 people taking the 7 night freestay at one of the 4 nominated resorts.

Q. How do I make a booking for the 7 night freestay?

A. All bookings are to be made through the nominated travel agent printed on your voucher.

Q. Can I book over the phone /internet?

A. Our travel agents do not accept requests over the phone or internet. This is due to quality control and no exceptions will be made.

Q. Can I call the resorts direct to make a booking?

A. No you must post your reservation request form direct to the nominated travel agent listed on your voucher. The resorts will not accept any enquiries unless through the travel agent. Please note that contacting the resort direct may render the voucher void.

Q. How much notice do I need to give to make a booking?

A. A minimum 30 days notice is required to make a reservation.

Q. Are there booking fees?

A. Yes there is a $25 per person booking fee.

Q. Is the $25 booking fee refundable?

A. The booking fee is refunded only if your chosen dates are all unavailable, if your dates are confirmed the booking fee is non refundable, even if your circumstances change.

Q. Do I need to purchase meals at the hotel to receive the 7 nights free?

A. No.

Q. Can I take additional adults or children?

A. Yes you can take additional guests, please refer to the terms & conditions for upgrade fees.

Q. Does the voucher cover airfares, food & beverage?

A. No. All expenses including travel, food & beverage are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

Q. How do I organise airfares & transfers?

A. Our fully licensed nominated travel agents are more than happy to assist you with arranging your flights, transfers & insurance needs.

Q. Can I give my voucher to another family member or friend?

A. Yes Freestay vouchers are fully Transferable

Q. Can I book accommodation during school or holiday periods?

A. Availability during school or holiday periods and special events are strictly limited. All accommodation is subject to availability.

Q. Do you replace lost or misplaced vouchers?

A. Vouchers will be replaced for a fee $50 each.

Q. How long do I have to redeem the voucher?

A. Vouchers are valid for a minimum 18 months as per expiry date unless extended as per last Q&A on this page.

Q. Can I request any dates within my validity period?

A. In most cases yes but please note resorts may have specified check-in days only.

Q. What happens if I don’t use my voucher within the 18 months?

A. The voucher becomes null & void. If however you wish to revalidate this voucher for a further 18 months pending on our contractual arrangements with the properties, you may do so by returning your old voucher with an extension fee of $50 and we will issue a new voucher.